Friday, 10 December 2010

University of Bristol Netball Club Calendar 2011

At the beginning of November I was invited to carry out a photoshoot with the University of Bristol Netball Club. They were looking to raise money for the club by creating a naked calendar.

The shoot was carried out on 2 different days:
The first was in a sports hall- this was interesting to shoot in, with dark blue walls, high ceilings and fluorecent lights. All the shots were taken with 2 Speedlites, most reflected in umbrellas but a couple of shots with them bare from each side of the hall firing towards the centre. We only had an hour slot, it was a bit of a rush to get set up, take the shots and out again within the hour however I came away with some decent shots.

The second shoot was held in University of Bristol Students' Union. I had the room booked all afternoon which gave us plenty of time to get the shots we wanted. I also had a lengthy 2 hour teaching session with Jamie Corbin beforehand, where he explained the best way of setting up aiming for a white background.

The calendar is now for sale- if you are interested get in touch with UBNC. But be quick, there are only 100 copies.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

YAY, Photos! A View of Freshers from a Second Year

So, it turns out I have been taking far too many photos and not doing enough uni work.

Working for UBU Photosoc Events Team alongside Rajitha Ratnam has meant many late nights, schedules changed, copying photos, hours editing and uploading. Not to mention the running backwards and forward with lenses, flashes, memory cards and money.

However, it has brought money back into Photosoc and more importantly, given some new members the chance to work in different shooting environments. We have helped other Bristol based clubs and societies in producing quality photos from their event, so that freshers have shots of their new friends and themselves, and the societies have something to show when promoting to next year's freshers.

Up till now, the Events Team has covered:
  • Orbital Welcome Party
  • Orbital Syndicate Night
  • UBU Freshers Party
  • Orbital BOSH Bar Crawl
  • Orbital Warehouse Night
  • Orbital Comedy Night
  • Orbital Panache Night
  • Orbital Charity Night
  • Brazilian Beats at Warehouse
  • Itchy Feet at Lakota.

From the 8 nights I've been on, I've taken abut 5500 photos, of which only 1600 ever reached the internet. The Freshers Party photos are still not up- blame the union's marketing department. I've seen everything, from body parts to fire.

All of this has meant days have passed really quickly, without much time for uni work. With the Events Team aiming to train new members how to shoot different events, before releasing them to shoot on their own, this means I can spend a night in actually doing some work.

Throughout the year, other societies will hopefully realise they can make use of Photosoc to cover their events and not have to search externally, and that Photosoc's members gain valuable experience shooting different subjects.

If all goes to plan, I will have time to pass this year.

All the photos the Events Team have covered can be found on the UBU Photosoc Events Team Facebook page.
A small selection of photos from Freshers can be found on my Flickr.