Monday, 23 January 2012

Mac Build 2011- Day 0- Finding a Case

The first task was to find a case. This was quite difficult so I headed over to eBay. Mac Pro cases didn’t really come up at all, but there were a fair few PowerMac’s from a few years ago. Some were being sold complete and working and others for spares and repair. However all I was interested in was the case, and finding one in good condition was tough with the size of eBay photos and whether what the seller thought was good condition, was actually good condition. Postage was another issue. These cases weigh the best part of 20KG and postage costs are quite high. Some people don’t offer to post at all.

After a couple of weeks I found a Buy It Now for a 1.6GHZ single core PowerMac, complete apart from RAM. It was sold for spares as someone poured coffee in it. For £50 this was a steal, postage was £20 but didn’t matter. Others seemed to be selling for £200+.

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