Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mac Build 2011- Introduction

Over the summer I had an internship working at the University of Bristol and so I thought I’d give myself a small project to carry out in my spare time. After looking around on forums and finding it had been done many times before, I thought I’d have a go at converting a PowerMac / Mac Pro case for use with standard ATX parts.

However, from what I had seen of previous conversions, some jobs were pretty messy. My main aim was keeping the case tidy from the outside, with no unnecessary garish screw heads or rivets for example.

Throughout the project I took photos of each stage, which you can find here. I may host these elsewhere if there are issues viewing them.

Each day for the next 15 days I will post the next section of the build, in the order I carried them out in, and I’ll close with some final remarks of the project.

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