Friday, 6 January 2012

READ International Naked Calendar 2012

After the success of the University of Bristol Netball Club Calendar last year, I was invited to shoot the READ International calendar for 2012. The aim was to raise money for the book charity by selling the calendars to the students of Bristol.

The calendar contains many different societies:
  • Men's Hockey
  • Law
  • Cheerleaders
  • ARTofficial
  • Computer Science
  • Hispanic Society
  • Cycling
  • Geology and Geoscience
  • Banking and Finance
  • Mixed Lacrosse
  • Chocolate Society
  • Massage Society
  • Wingardium Leviosoc
  • The READ International organisers.
Each society shown doing what they do in all their glory.

Here is an previously unpublished shot of Computer Science:
More information about the calendar and READ International can be found on the READ Bristol Facebook Group or by emailing

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